Our Team

District Rovaniemi Oy is a company that is owned and operated in Finland. It is registered and licensed in Finland with its main office located in Rovaniemi. Our team has travelled extensively all over the world and has a passion for extreme sports and nature. We provide something new for people, who already have seen it all. Our main goal is to create unforgettable moments in Lapland and give You something that others can’t.

Each member of our team is a specialist in their fields. Together, we make sure your experience will be unforgettable.

Kati Muotka


Kati loves to travel and getting to know new cultures. She loves nature and harmony. Kati´s assets are organizing skills and multitasking.

Janne Muotka


Janne is a CEO of a construction company. His passion is to create something new and he is not afraid of challenges.

Our Values


We believe that the best and most memorable feeling comes from experiencing something new. We want to enjoy life and share our passion on extreme with sustainable choices. Responsibility is about respect. If we respect the nature, communities, culture, people and environment we can leave a positive impact behind us.

District Rovaniemi oy is a responsible company who's heart is in Finnish Lapland. We want to cherish our nature and same time enjoy our passion to extreme. We have found a good way to combine everything that is important to us; we can enjoy life being responsible.

We all are responsible for making our decisions for good. We can all celebrate the joys of  clean environment and wonders of life in a way that not only make better places to live but also better places to visit.