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MOVIE & LIVE SHOW by Jyri Keskiaho and District



See the movie trailer from YouTube here



Movie and live FSX show

Duration 60 minutes

Professional SetUp for spectacular show

Sound effects and 150” led screen

Movie in english (subtitles possible with many other languages)

Seats for all guests



Show Place can be reached by snowmobiles or bus/car

(parking place for 60 snowmobiles)

25km from Rovaniemi



Ranked to one of the most demanding sports in the world

Only less than 20 professionals in the world

XGames dicipline since 2002

Aerial stunts in 10 meters high with over 200kg snowmobile



First and only professional FSX rider in Finland

Focus on XGames medal

Shows in many countries

Professional, who knows how to make  a good show



You can book your own show at any date and time you wish; what ever suits your guests the best.

Ask for more details from our team;

DISTRICT Rovaniemi oy

Kati Muotka

Tel.+358 40 558 8076