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District Rovaniemi Oy is a company that is owned and operated in Finland. It is registered and licensed in Finland with its main office located in Rovaniemi. Our team have travelled extensively all over the world and have a passion for extreme sports and nature. We provide something new for people, who already have seen it all. Our main goal is create unforgettable moments in Lapland and give You something that others can't.

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we make sure your experience will be unforgettable.

Our Team;

Jyri Keskiaho, Activity & development manager Janne Muotka, Civil engineering manager Kati Muotka, Director of operations 

Jyri Keskiaho,

Activity & development manager 

Jyri is a professional FSX rider.

Jyri has a long career as a

entrepreneur and his strength is 

strong focus and determination.


 Janne Muotka,

Civil engineering manager

Janne is a CEO of a construction

company. His passion is creating

something new and he is not afraid

of challenges.

Kati Muotka,

Director of operations 

Kati loves to travel and getting

to know new cultures. She loves

nature and harmony. Kati´s assets

are organizing skills and multitasking.